A professional program for people who want to reduce their accents and speak English more clearly, confidently and effectively

The Individual Program

The sixteen hour individual program includes assessment 
and training. The training schedule is usually one hourly class 
per week. Sessions consist of practice exercises with emphasis 
on appropriate accent features such as vowels, consonants, 
stress, intonation, linking and/or phrasing. Purchase of a book 
is optional and audio material is provided without charge. 
Classes are scheduled during the week between 10:00 AM 
and 5:30 PM. Saturday classes are also offered. The 16 hour 
program includes:
    • Five speech recordings
    • Five IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) transcriptions
    • Detailed analysis of pronunciation features
    • Recommended and prioritized goals
    • Professional training by a licensed speech pathologist
    • MP3 audio files
    • Supplementary practice material
    • Five post-training recordings
    • Pre and post-training comparisons
    • Recommendations for continued improvement

"Suddenly there's a new door opened for me. The CEO in the new company asked me whether I was born in the U.S.!"  MingChi Liu, Taiwan


You created an intimate, safe environment where beginners felt safe to take risks...I am sure your students can tell that you truly enjoy them and support their efforts." 

Jill Youngberg, ESL teacher


"It was a pleasure to have been in your class. You are a very special teacher, someone who is truly devoted to the profession." 

Alfred Paredis,  El Salvador


“I come from Asia but spoke English while growing up so I felt my pronunciation of English was pretty good, yet I found that often Americans had trouble understanding me. I was surprised how quickly Caryl was able to identify the areas that were giving me trouble such as my speaking rhythm and word stress, little nuances that make a big difference when communicating with Americans. I'm really glad I took those lessons from Caryl as I notice a big improvement with my daily interactions with my colleagues and business partners.”

Justin K., Malaysia 


“It has been a wonderful, interactive and productive six months.” Jagath,India

"I've found Caryl and boy I am happy I did and took her class! She is dedicated, she is a true professional, very flexible in accommodating my busy schedule, she has a good and modern methodology, and great talent to spot the things I needed to work on and greatly improve my English." Ovidiu, Romania  


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